Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hello 2015

Is it January already?

Quiet holiday season.
Work was shet. My boss was being a grinch. Other workers continue to power trip.
The sitter went home for the holidays. I was left with 3 hyperactive children, 2 parents who needed something done every 10 seconds, and a pile of laundry which filled the garage and half the driveway.
Then I had cake orders. Much as I despised them, heck I needed the money for the kids' gifts. And the size 4 pua'a that dad gifted to himself paid for by his children. Yaye.
Two straight weeks of this shit, and now I'm sick. Chest infection or something. Bleh. Keige gei e le malolo for some infection. Keige gei faakoa malolo pe a kuu ile pu.

New Years resolutions:

Be more mentally stable. How, I don't know. But for fuck's sake enough crying.
Be a better mom. Stop beating them up.
Be a better daughter. Stop being defensive every time they judge you for coming home at 4am. You are after all still living in their house.
Be a better child of God. Go to church.
Stop caring so much about the little things. It's the little things that fuck your brain up. Don't overthink things. You only hurt yourself, a la e happy a lakou ia.
Travel. Even if it's to Savaii. Get out of the damn house before you suffocate.
Stop stalking the girl crush. It isn't healthy. And petrol is expensive.
Get started on your goddamn book. Criticising everyone else who has written a book already doesn't fly. Have you written on your book? Ia pugi ma amaka loa.
Hate on work less. The more you fake enjoy it, the more productive you are. Never mind the egotistic masochistic and all other lunatics which surround you. Your traits are far worse lol.
Less mindspace on that guy. Ain't nobody got time.
Save. Money. Everything else is beyond redemption. Let's aim for a car this year.
Get pregnant. Whaaat?!

Ok. Sounds like a semi-achieveable NY's resolution. I'll revisit this in a few months, see where we are :)