About Me

I've been reading other bloggers "About Me" sections and having a good old laugh. Gosh guys so farking serious about yourselves. "I am a lover of horses." "I am been serious about blogging since I was 3." "I strongly believe in world peace." Seriously.

So here's me bro.

Still in my 30s for another good 9 years. Cough.

I still have 3 kids but want 3 more. I know right. What the faaak. I even have their names all planned out. And which side of our one bedroom house they will get to sleep on.

I'm addicted to whatsapp. On my phone all the time. These people just won't stop chatting to me.

I work for our local newspaper. God forbid they should ever discover this blog. Mental note to put a disclaimer somewhere in here.

I have been sober for 7 months and 4 days. Saddest thing ever.

I, along with my offspring, still live with my parents. Even sadder than being sober, I know right.

I have a heated love affair with ciabatta bread (newfound love because the name sounds sophisticated), Samoan pudding with good old hot custard, reading funny blogs, movie nights with the kids (when I can afford it, popcorn is NOT CHEAP), window shopping (please God let my next husband be super rich), long drives by myself, blue cheese pizza, crosswords, trips to Savaii and orange choc frappes.

If you want to contact me at some point, comment here. Whether I respond, well that's another story.

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