Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Third world school problems

School's back on for the brats. Yay. All 3 are now in primary school. How time flies thank you jesus. No more sleepless nights (on account of a hungry infant). No more driving across town looking for a specific S26 Gold formula. No more buying cheap diapers and then hiding them piko i lalo o le trolley so when I meet rich mothers gliding by with their box of Huggies, I don't get a disdainful look of "Soft Love. Eww."

Instead, all that has been replaced by school uniforms, bags, drink bottles, stationery...my god no wonder Eveni and SSAB make a killing. Lunches! The bane of my existence. Why can't children be satisfied with bread and butter and water every day anymore? Kamaiki ua fia ai spaghetti and cheese toastie, with a muffin on the side, and lemonade, and a snack while they wait to be picked up after school. Oh hell nurr! Bread, butter, jam (sometimes), an apple (if they're lucky) and water. Pugi.