Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Can you just stick to one damn blog

I don't like staying put. I am well known to be indecisive. Windy, the laus call it. Nobody bothers to plan anything with me because whatever I said the first time, is going to go in circles and over the mountains and down back around the town clock before I decide nah you guys go ahead. Why I am even bothering to explain this is to tell you why I have a new blog. Whoever of you have persisted in following me up the mountain and down the Taufusi auku, you guys are the reason I continue to write. You and the voices that tell me omg Nydia you're the next Pulitzer prize winner dude. Yeah man. I forgot where this was going. Oh yeah! New blog. New me. New year. New situations and complications. That's me bro. Read on lol.

Monday, 2 June 2014

And it never ends

Here we are again.

What happened after the jump.

I left my job. Long story.
I became serious about my baking business.
I was in and out of hospital for a series of different stupid things.
I became a solo mother. Not a widow. He's still alive, unfortunately.
I came to know what it was like to be completely penniless. Completely and utterly broke as a motherfarker. No fun, I tell ya.
My social life remains dormant. Not likely to change. My outings consist mainly of trips to the bank to ask how I can exchange my children for a loan.

Yes I am back. We all know something is wrong when I start blogging again.