Monday, 2 March 2015

Everything is awesome

The kids sing this constantly. "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of the team!" I wish I had that kinda positivity in my life.

Well - on the bright side of awesomeness -

I am still alive. And breathing.

My girls are awesome. They keep me grounded. They remind me to buy their stationery, comb their hair, feed them. They really deserve a better mum, but their standards are pretty low and they think I am like the coolest mum everrrrr.

Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Cake. Never try any other cake after you've had this one. It's amazeballs.

I can't think of anything else that's awesome right now so we'll move right along to the dark side of shitty -

I've been diagnosed with something serious. And noooo it's not HIV. But it's life threatening. No need for details. I've had a lot of seeing my "life flashing before my eyes" moments since. Funny how all of a sudden, priorities change and you want to do either one of two things - grab life by the balls, or curl up in a corner and cry for days. I think I'm in the middle somewhere. Have an operation scheduled this month in NZ, so fingers and legs crossed I will still be around to make fun of you behind your back in the near future :)

The kids' grandmother is not speaking to me. Over something trivial like I answered back to her when she yelled at me, oh NO I DIDN'T! Yes I did. So things are pretty bleak in the Cold War at present.

Yeeeah. That's about it. I really need to start writing about something more important than myself. Next time mate next time.


Fotu said...

Shit Nyds, praying your op goes well! :-(

ps - you're an awesome mom. I'm 3 weeks in mothering 2 of them and I am bewildered at how people have more than 1 kid! Lol.

pps - fuck writing about current events and important shit. there's plenty of people doing all that already zzzz

wishing you love, health and well behaved kids. lol

jenn said...

Love you Nyds. Praying that all goes well with your operation.
And I'm with Fotu, don't know how people with more than 2 kids do it. I struggle with mine A LOT!
You are a great mom!!! xoxo

Siusega said...

Thanks guys! I dunno about great mom, Tino says "Mummy I'm tired of looking after your other two kids, can you please do something about them?" Haha...thank God for the eldest kid/babysitter/little nagging voice in my head.

Yes, I plan to eat lots of yumcha before I go into my operation, at least I'll go with a smile on my face kai dramatic kele foi.


Anonymous said...

Oh Nyds, you really ought to listen to us (I agree with Fotu and Jenn!) especially me with my 12 children :P You are a great mum! A fun, think outside the box, non garden variety, original thoughts mum...slightly nutty on the outside but totally gooey and chocolaty on the inside :) Sending you health vibes hun, kick this serious illness to the curb and uppercut it kind of vibes. And love + my bear hugs.

QueenB said...

And here I was with my little cake requests :( I hope your op here in NZ goes well, love and prayers coming your way! xx

MrsF said...

Hey when are you coming over? Let me know. Need a cupcake session before you go into your op? :) Praying all goes well. xx

Anonymous said...

from what I know of you, and I can claim I know enough to operate on you myself (and NO I'm no doctor, so don't get your hopes up lol) You're a fighter, a survivor and you'll get through this!! Used to be the guy that held the sign -NYDIA I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES - lol you're a darn good mother!! God bless and all the best with your pending op... love and prayers!!