Monday, 23 March 2015

Lotto lunika!

So yesterday I got an FB message from an in-law living in the US of A.

Her - "Sis I have such good news!"
Me - "Omg you got your green card?" (after overstaying for 15 years)
Her - "No sis, I won $100,000 in the world international lottery"
Me - "A'a."
Me - "Suga e moi ea ga mea?"
Her - "E moni lava. I thought it was a scam until I got the money delivered to my front door. And sis, I saw the list and your name was on it too!"
Me (disbelieving but already planning what to do with the money) - "Seriously?! Tell me the details!"
Her - "Ia sei uma le pisi send atu."

And that was the end of the conversation, no more respondez from my in-law.

Even after googling world international lottery, and seeing it was a scam, I thought MAYBE it's true, because she was speaking to me in Samoan, and sounded like my sister in law. And why would the bitch lie to me? (ok let me count the reasons lol)

So I went to bed dreaming of cake shops, and trips to Italy.

And woke up this morning to a post from my sister in law.

"I've been hacked! Please beware, the hacker even speaks Samoan."



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its just moi said...

Hahahaha....ummey..Se soiaia!!