Saturday, 1 August 2015

Still here, sorta

I haven't blogged in months. Duh. I've been out there, like, you know, existing.

So to catch up - I've been in a lot of shit. As in wading through shit trying to catch a break. I went to NZ in May for medical treatment. Returned home, semi-cured, depressed as hell, and left my job. Spent my days half alive, hating on everybody, offspring included, and most of all, broke.

Few months later, am back in NZ for more medical treatment. This is becoming a real drag, and really affecting my ability to focus on candy crush soda. And it's cold. Which means my body is hidden under countless layers of jumpers, sweaters and scarves. Scarfs? Meanwhile I am making sure I eat everything I see, and telling myself I haven't gained a pound. Until I go to take a shower and have to take off the layers and discover, holy shit, there's an extra 20kgs on my ass. Excuse me while I inhale another burger cos it's 1/2 price today cos Burger King is sponsoring Joseph Parker's fight.

So yeah, that's me yo. Back to blog for a limited time only.

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