Wednesday, 5 August 2015

People watching fix

I love people watching. It may possibly be one of my favorite pastimes, right up there next to 48 hour sleeps and self pity rants.

Living temporarily here in Auckland, I frequent the mall a lot. And while my mother (who has accompanied me on my medical 'pilgrimage', because every 33 year old adult needs their mother to rub their back while retching copiously in the hospital bathroom) spends hours inside SpecSavers trying to get a refund on a pair of eyeglasses she bought 5 years ago from them and is now faulty (because of her cataracts and not the eyeglasses), I sit outside on one of those couches, and people watch. And laugh inwardly at how people dress and look. You know, because I'm so hot and perfect.

Some interesting observations:
- Everyone is wearing some sort of closed shoes. Because it's winter obviously. I am the only dumbass wearing seevae kosokoso, because I'm staunch like that (and can't find closed shoes in my size 13)
- There are so many couples below 25 with babies. Some with more than one baby. Good Lord. Babies raising babies.
- Clearly the parents don't work, since they're walking around the mall during the day. And shopping even. And not just at the below 12 items counter, we're talking major shopping. For clothes and random shet like that. Life on the benefit is good.
- If you're looking to bump into someone you know, or worse, a relative, Manukau mall is the place to hang yo. I met two cousins, a neighbor from Samoa, and some people I know (from Club X).
- The level of obesity here is alarming. And all islanders, may I add. Probably all Samoan. No love for their bodies, and women more than men. Maccas needs to stop those $1 coke floats and Pizza Hutt and their $5 pizzas. Shucks. It's scary. Even scarier is watching them not give a damn about their weight and focus the attention on their faces and hair - heavy mascara, pouty lips, hair permanently damaged straightened. Girl, you fat. No amount of foundation will hide that.

Thank you for tuning in to people watching from South Auckland. Now excuse me while I put on my beanie and go to catch the 471 to Manurewa. Yeh bro.


Laura Writes said...

Hahahaha everytime I go back home to South Auckland I have to make my stop to Manix. I'll be checking out a not ugly guy then I'd realise he's pushing a pram. Damnit. LOL

its just moi said...

lol....Thats too Funny Nydia!! I think we have all done that people watching...some things neva change:) Hope you getting better!! Dont forget to come back and use that voucher!! (finally opened!!)

MrsF said...

I missed you, you punk! Sorry I know I should have made more of an effort to stalk you and find out where you lived. Bitch. Lol. Let me know when you get back and we can go people watch together :) No drinking involved! Well, maybe coffee ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha : ) So glad to see you are back blogging, stumbled across your blog a while ago (I think I had googled about trying to find a headstone supplier in Samoa). Love your blog, was hoping you hadn't just disappeared : )

Malelega said...
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Malelega said...

Thank fark you're back to blogging woman. Alofa atu. xx