Monday, 3 August 2015

Death sucks balls

My next post was supposed to be about death. But we've done the whole death topic to...well, to death, no pun intended.

So all I want to say about that is make every moment count. You could die today, tomorrow, any freaking time. Express your love, gratitude and say everything you need to say all the time every time.

My heart goes out to my friend who lost her husband last week. Life sucks inexplicably when you lose your best friend, your rock, the father of your young children. I wouldn't know (obviously). I just know that their hearts are broken. And nobody deserves that, least of all those poor girls who don't understand where their daddy has gone.

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Laura Writes said...

I sometimes want to talk about death and how normal it is for life to just end but my friends never seem keen to get into it with me.