Saturday, 1 August 2015

Farkbook, yes I'm still ranting

Since I became a hermit, I've retreated further away from Fugbook.

I mean, it's bloody Days of Our Lives on there. I can't deal half the time. When you're miserable, the last thing you want to know is how perfect someone else's life is, how good looking you are in your filtered selfie, how smart their kids are, overachieving little shets, how avidly they go to zumba, and just got promoted.

Here's how it goes. You put up a post and say "Feeling great, today is the best day ever!" which just begs people to ask, "What happened?" and you pretend to ignore the questions until someone who does know what happened says "Congrats on your promotion sis!" and then everyone jumps in, while you're preening away. Felicitations. You got people to congratulate you without directly telling the world what happened.

Or "Attending the 12th UN Negotiations on Climate Change blah blah blah in New York, and then on my way to Bangkok enroute back to Samoa". Shucks. So your job has the best perks. Fuck you too.

Or "My son came home today with a certificate for Best All Round Student this week". So your son was good this week. My son was good all year, but you don't see me posting up about it.

Clearly I have some issues. The solution is, log out. Nobody is going to change because I'm jealous. If anything, half the reason why these posts exist is to make us jealous. And like a moth to the flame...

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